✓ Professors and Students
✓ Corporate All-hands
✓ Municipalities and residents

How do you communicate and engage with your audience today?

Traditional channels such as Zoom meetings or webinars lack the moderation and privacy your audience need

Value Proposition


Your audience has questions for you, but your availability is limited in time. With Texuto you define a time where you and your staff are available to take questions and share answers with your audience.

Fully Integrated with WhatsApp

The entire event takes place in your audience WhatsApp. No need for new apps. All shared content is available for them for a later review.

Privacy is Top of Mind

Unlike a traditional WhatsApp group, people can't see who else is on the group, or other people's phone numbers. All content is moderated by you.

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How it Works

1. Create a Free Account
  • Creating a free account is super easy and only required for hosts.
2. Setup your Event
  • An event has a one time occurance where participants join on a certain date and time.
3. Engage your audience
  • Host your event from a web-based easy-to-use application. Participants simply use their WhatsApp.


As an educator, speaker, trainer, coach or manager, you need the best method to engage your audience.

Texuto is messaging-based engagement platform, providing a safe place to interact with audience members directly or in a group exclusively on WhatsApp. Your audience will appreicate the easy and secure way to ask questions and provide their feedback to you.

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